A Recognized Education Visionary Even In His Youth!

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Marshall Barnes has been involved in cutting edge education since the 1970s...

Marshall Barnes has been on the cutting edge since his earliest days in high school. Published and performing multimedia poet at 15 and on his way to being a multi-instrumentalist, he had so much insight, much of it inspired by what he read in interviews with his favorite rock star at the time, Todd Rundgren. By 1977, his talent had reached the education department of his state through which David Rockefeller Jr. stepped in to draft him as the best example of what the arts in education could do, out of the entire state, for his Arts, Americans and Education Panel conference!

Letter from editor of english magazine from Ohio University thanking Marshall for writing English Classes of the Future in 1977.

Letter from David Rockefeller Jr. urging Marshall to attend the Arts, Education and Americans Panel conference at the Ohio State University in 1977.