Tech Companies For National Lab Day

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National Lab Day








Technology Companies Promote National Lab Day


“We all have a vested interest in advancing our country’s proficiency in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math as a means to driving innovation and jobs – which are key to fueling our economic growth and global competitiveness,” said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. “Microsoft applauds President Obama for making STEM a priority, and we are committed to working with others in business, government and the educational field to enhance and leverage U.S. leadership in information technology.”


“Science and engineering hold the key to economic growth and to solving the challenges facing our country in areas like energy, health care, and national security,” said Rich Templeton, CEO of Texas Instruments. “The President’s STEM initiative is an important step forward in addressing these challenges. National Lab Day is a creative approach to engaging young minds on these critical disciplines.”


John Donovan, chief technology officer of AT&T, said: “AT&T is pleased to pledge its support to National Lab Day and its mission to advance math and science education. The more than 1,200 researchers and engineers of AT&T Labs have a long history of university collaboration and volunteer support of educational programs at all levels. Through the National Lab Day initiative, our researchers will have new opportunities to share their passion for knowledge with a new generation, serving as direct resources for educators in developing and delivering high-impact lessons and lab experiences.”

Several companies are helping with the National Lab Day web platform, including Pivotal Labs, which develops online platforms that foster innovation, ePals Inc., a social network optimized for K-12 learning, Donors Choose, an online platform for teachers to connect directly with donors, and Maker Faire, which is supplying project designs and ideas for the site.



National Lab Day ( is a New York-based educational organization dedicated to improving science and math education across the country. More than 200 organizations representing 6.5 million professionals and educators have already pledged support for National Lab Day. These organizations have sent a letter to the President (available at the above web address) detailing their commitment. National Lab Day welcomes new partnerships and can be reached at