Vedrehung Fan(TM) Lecture/Demo At Grandview Heights High!

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Marshall Barnes Brings the True Physics of Time Travel To Class of Mr. Christ

Marshall Barnes has proved to be a leading proponent of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) in the country. Since 2005, he has brought in depth and innovative presentations to physics students across the country, bolstered by his unique research and involvement in the world of adavnced concept science and technology. On November 2nd, he proved once again why he is the best. He brought his latest and most radical invention yet to the physics classes of Grandview Heights High School teacher, Mr. Christ, - the Vredrehung Fan(TM), the world's first functioning prototype for an actual time machine!

Serious Science

Despite what you might think, the subject of time travel is now taken serious in the scientific community because of one simple fact - it can't be completely ruled out. Time travel to the future has already been proved to be a factually possible by Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. Time travel to the past would be far more difficult but not impossible. Marshall has studied these possibilities and discovered a possible loop hole which he began to exploit back in 2000. He made a discovery that same year which has resulted in the secret for warp drive technology and now, possibly time travel to the past,

More Info and Pics To Come...

Marshall's presentation at Grandview Heights High School was his first public demonstration of his invention and was also the first time that he has presented the true nature of time travel to a high school class. The key was to do so in a way in which they could relate and not get lost. Marshall covered the entire spectrum - from how time is a real dimension connected to space, to Einstein's unfinished Unified Field Theory. Warp drive physics, wormholes, parallel universes, the twin's paradox, grandfather paradox, closed time-like curves, scientists like Kip Thorne, Julian Barbour, Stephen Hawking, Ronald Mallett, N.A. Kozyrev, and much more was all included - topped off with Marshall's introduction of an video clip of the Verdrehung Fan(TM) in action and followed by two student volunteers getting a chance to actually operate the Verdrehung Fan(TM) system for a classroom demonstration! 


The discovery of the capability of specially synthesized electromagnetic fields was made by Marshall in his newly built laboratory in 2000. One of the results of that research was the creation of his STDTS technology (Space Time Transmitter Dilator System) which causes things made of metal that are already moving, to accelerate because the field itself is acting on space to cause that acceleration. Such an arrangement is the basic definition for how warp drive works.

Marshall Barnes presents filmed experiment to the class at Grandview Heights HS.

The entire subject content will eventually be added to this new section so that parents can see what their children were discovering and also as an aide to teachers who may want to present some new, cutting edge information to their classes to make them more interesting. This is the beginning of a new era, where things that were once strictly regulated to the genre of science fiction are increasingly becoming a reality. Marshall Barnes' business is to make the most radical and imaginative things come true, changing the world as we know it. Students who are exposed to what is happening on the very leading edge of physics and technology will be better prepared for this new world.

Above: Marshall talks to one of the Grandview physics classes.

The concept of STDTS acceleration applied to circular motion brings up the possibility of warping space into a circle, and because space and time are connected, time would eventually follow which would result in space and time looping and creating what physicists call - closed time-like curves. Thus the idea of applying the STDTS field to a fan was born which has now resulted in the Verdrehung Fan(TM).



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