To the Mars Conference In Grapevine, TX

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A Special Trip with a Special Sponsor...

The Mars Society Conference in Grapvine, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, would be my first trip ever to that part of the country, as well as my first presentation of my research on the STDTS(TM) technology of mine which is the first functioning prototype for warp drive. Seeing what the subject matter was, I love the irony of not flying to the event but instead taking Greyhound Bus for a comfortable ride cross country. The famous bus line was a corproate sponsor for the trip. The two day trip allowed me to see regions of America for the first time upclose and I was able to use the Wi-Fi and eelctricity onboard the bus. It was the same as flying, without the flight attendents, with the seats actually being more comfortable than some airline seating. All and all it was an interesting and enjoyable trip and I will do it again at the next opportunity.

Heads-up controls just like ones in an airliner...

Layover in St. Louis. I like the colored winodws of the terminal.

Ironic sundown shot through my window. The internal reflection shows there's still light on the other side of the road.

Getting ready to interview Richard Obousy.

Richard Obousy and I discuss my alternative to GR based warp drive.

Ready to hit the road...

I liked the colored windows in the terminal while waiting to re-board. 

Not long from Grapevine!

The key reason for going to the Mars Conference was to present my first scientific presentation for alternatives to warp drive models based on effects produced by solutions to equations from Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. As it would happen, theoretical physicist Richard Obousy was also there who, along with Ken Olum of Tuft University, had published a paper on using features of string theory as possible ways of enabling warp drive to function with less energy requirements. He and Ian O'Neil, from the Discovery Channel, and I discussed the implications of warp drive as a coming reality and various elements of the physics as well as my own approach derived from Einstein's unfinished unified field theory, STDTS(TM). Because I couldn't reveal how the STDTS(TM) signal, that is responsible for creating the field, is creating for trade secret and proprietary reasons, they were a little baffled as to how it could possibly work, which is understandable, however, work it does.

In the end, I interviewed them for an upcoming audio documentary where they aired their concerns which are then dealt with by experts that I was able to contact who could address them.  

Ian O'Neil of the Discovery Channel Space News.

Ian O'Neil and I.

Sundown somewhere on the way back.

While I was in Texas I did a couple of radio interviews over the phone and I was interviewed while on the road there and over the Internet by a freelance reporter for the Dallas Observer. You can read that article here.