D.C. Party Adventure with The Nature of Time!

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Let's Do The Time Warp AGAIN!




While Marshall was in Washington D.C to do the USA SEF, he gave a lecture the first evening at a wild and private party that was a total psychedelic event. Like being in a time warp back to the very late 80s or early 90s, and not the type of place that he's used to doing a lecture, Marshall nonetheless took to the mic like a rock star, as you can see in the photos here, and gave a rousing talk on time, the prospects of time travel and why it all matters. 

Marshall live with video from the Tesla Wall of Light Experiment behind him on the giant screen.

Take a three story house on a small hill, fill the yard -front and back, with wild lights, video and lasers, loud music and the basement as well, add well over a hundred, college age and older dancing party goers in crazy costumes on a warm fall night and you'll have some idea of the scene that Marshall met when he arrived to do a half hour lecture on the nature of time in Washington D.C..  

Todd Rundgren at Central Park from the back cover of his Todd album.

Marshall says he was channeling his teen age rock hero, Todd Rundgren, as he remembered him from the back cover photo of the 1974 Todd album, while he was in front of the party goers who actually stopped their revelry to sit in the front yard and listen to him. 

There's no Wall of Light yet in the room behind Marshall, and the details are clear.

In creating the 30 minute presentation for the party, Marshall knew that he had to create something that would have a chance of holding the audience's attention. Something just as wild as the atmosphere over all. The party organizer, a young man known as "Blue", wanted music with a tribal-like rhythm playing in the background as he was creating the party to have a Burning Man Festival type feel, but just on a small scale. Marshall created a soundtrack, which you also hear in the intro clip for the Advanced Concept Adventures front page, and made it last 20 some odd minutes, as long as the lecture was to last. In the video from the lecture, you can hear the music in the background because the speaker it's coming from is farther away that the speaker carrying Marshall's voice. The camera and mic was on the other side of a small group of people, along the periphery of the activities.

On the screen in the photo below, you can see that the wall of light has begun to blot out the details of the room clearly visible in the above photo. All details of the back wall are gone. The ceiling tiles are seem to end in a white void and some of the tiles aren't visible anymore at all. This was the first time that Marshall had presented the wall of light footage on such a large scale and the pulsating reproduction was a perfect match for the party atmosphere, with is black lights, lasers, glow sticks and other special effects.   

The Wall of Light begins to block out details of the room behind Marshall

Wall of Light nearly at Full Strength in background video (click on photo to get larger view)

In the photo above the wall of light is almost blotting out all of the ceiling tiles and there is no other evidence of the room being there at all. The sight of this on the giant video screen was intense to say the least, as Marshall explained what it was all about. The first part of the presentation had a computer generated animation that Marshall saw there and decided to use for the first half of the lecture because it went well with a number of the physics concepts he was going to discuss. 





A glimpse of some moments after Marshall's presentation . . .

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